Relatar_se is a young company, located in Brasilia, we value quality of life, projects and services. Our work moments are a combination of laughter, coffee, food and dreams that little by little come true, whether ours or the client’s.

relatar-se likes film grain and old cameras. The nostalgic aesthetic in a slowed down and authorial production is what we seek to touch with the photographic experience. Having cinema as a reference, we seek to fictionalize and dramatize the ordinary place of everyday life, dedicating ourselves, above all, to portraits, besides experimental photographic series. We offer photoshoots in 35mm and 120mm.

Portraits by Emanuel Lavor


Over the last few years the investment in culture has decreased exorbitantly, this has resulted in a market with fewer job opportunities and less budget to pay professionals and rent equipment. So relatar_se is committed to providing cost effective equipment that will fit into current productions that have a low budget to produce.

About 24% of the population of Brazil has some form of disability, how can art and entertainment reach these people? We join the fight for equity and access to rights for people with disabilities. We offer complete cultural accessibility services.