The relatar_se publishing house seeks to publish local authors, initially, in order to explore and strengthen the literary potential of the region. The book Som de água corrente (2022), by A. C. Nicolau, is the first book published by the publishing house and presents an inventive, fragmentary narrative, with influences from modern cinema. The next release of relatar_se is the poetic experience of Meninas, eu vi (2023), a poem-book that interweaves text with visual elements, besides exploring themes such as pleasure and female sexuality. The book inaugurates a series of poetry publications to be launched by the publisher.

Relatar_se also publishes two periodical magazines, Tempo Magazine, now in its third issue, and 42 Magazine, to be launched in the second half of 2023.

The idea of bringing together creative people to strengthen a literary scene in the Federal District is what moves us, always in search of work to expand and may cover more territories, more people and different realities.


Whoever is interested in the editorial proposal of relatar_se and wants to publish with us, can send a manuscript using the button below.

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