our history

On a sunny Saturday at the end of the 99’s summer vacation, I had a brilliant idea for a story, I ran with my short 5 year old child legs and went in search of a person who could write as fast as the story ideas were going through my mind.

The story of that day is stored among the many others that needed the assistance of an agile adult in writing, until I could take pen in hand and write from the worst ideas to the ones that were genius (even if the feeling of brilliance lasted 5 minutes).

21 years later, at the beginning of the school holidays in the middle of the year, relatar_se emerged with the same effervescent will to get ideas out of our heads and put them on paper, on screen, in the sensible world. In a short time, in the process of ideas that come fast and must be expelled before they are lost, other people full of ideas were joining and the company was filling up with inventions, stories and scenes.

We are very different people with a very strong connection: a love of cats and storytelling.

Stories that are an exhalation of reflections and internal desires, stories for cinema, for theater, for books, for movement that speak of  others in the form of the “i”, stories that relate to ourselves.


Our guiding tendencies fit in a great longing of a light cultural making, with care and affection for the professionals who embark on projects with us, having as final destination the happiness of those involved. The lightness comes through fair wages, flexible working hours, smaller, adapted and the good coexistence between all, with respect and a humanized treatment, refuges from a hostile universe. Our projects are concerned with the process and the feeling of all involved, we want hugs, cuddles, brigadeiros and to work with ice-cream. We are not and never will be machines that make _______ (insert an activity here): the intention of utilitarianism of any work is out of its reason to exist. That is why we tell stories that come to us at the speed of light, but that took forever to be generated until they reached the point of a pencil and one day left the world of ideas.


A. C. Nicolau

I was born in the first half of the 90’s, between photographic films, a VHS camcorder and giant piles of books, I found myself between receiving and telling stories. I grew up (just in age) and started working with writing and filmmaking since 2010. Nowadays I write stories, make films, take pictures. I’m a director, producer, writer, I drink coffee in the “American glass” and love spiced vegetables.  A lot has changed, but I still use the same analog tools to tell stories in a digitalized world.


I was born right in the south of Brazil, where people speak singing and use “to do” as a synonym for “to ask”. As a child, the art of theatre caught me and hasn’t let go until today. I did some things at university, always focused on theatre. I live in Brasilia, multiplying myself in production, acting, directing, writing and whatever else interests me. Lover of handicrafts, I venture into sewing, cooking and photography from time to time. I’ve already paid more than one rent reviewing texts, although I don’t have a degree in letters. At relatar_se, I take care of theatrical issues, besides working with film and literature productions.


I was born in Natal, a city in the arid brazilian northeast, touched by the sea. I grew up between Rio Branco, in the Amazonian north of Brazil, and Brasilia, the capital, in the heart of the savannah. Such a diverse geographic-cultural-affective arsenal is the starting point for the way I see the world and what I seek to reproduce through what I do. A multifocal Scorpio with Moon in Gemini, besides dedicating myself to cinema, I am also an actor, an analogue photographer and a yoga teacher – worlds that relate to each other.

with us


I was born in Brasilia/DF and have lived there all my life, which may have been too long. Recently, however, I managed to explore other territories and settled in São Paulo. I am a literature teacher and poet, I have a PhD in literature from UnB and a post-doc in literary studies from UFSCar. I published the plaquet 5 poems by Galileu Edições in 2020 and the book Sad Trip in 2021 by Corsario-satan. Besides the academic production, the writing of poetry has been consuming me more time. I work, at relatar_se, with the editorial part, selecting authors for publication and participating in book projects and in the series Escritas em Pauta, with interviews to different writers.

Becoming an artist does not merely mean learning something, acquiring professional techniques and methods. Indeed, as someone has said, in order to write well you have to forget the grammar.


Email: contato@relatarse.com