O Pequeno Chupa-Dedo

Emanuel Lavor and Pedro Buson, 18 min, 2020

During a night of games and haunted stories, a tired mother and her sleepless son awaken a terrible, bloodthirsty monster that lives under their bed.


Directed by: Emanuel Lavor and Pedro Buson

Screenplay: Emanuel Lavor

Cast: Camila Guerra and Paulo André Lavor

Cinematography: Elisa Souza

Art Direction: Maíra Geraldo

Direct Sound: Martha Suzana

Direction Assistant: Caroline Morais

Camera Assistance: Jean Felipe

Editing: Pedro Buson

Sound Design and Mixing: Guilherme Maiolino

Sound Correction: Lucas Gesser

Original Soundtrack: Ely Janoville

Executive Producers: Pedro Buson and Emanuel Lavor

Sponsors: Levante Filmes