Som de água corrente

Neide is a gravedigger at a cemetery in Brasilia, she has just turned 34 and considers herself old because she has wrinkles and white roots, she urgently needs sunglasses and an anti-aging cream, but finds the solution to her problems in the cheapest bottles of liquor.

In the interior of Minas Gerais, Tiago, a real old man, motivated to meet the passion of his life for the last time, hits the road leaving the countryside and heading to the cemetery. With Alzheimer’s and only one pill left, the mishaps along the way leave him lost amidst gravestones and burials.

Between photos and ruled pages, the two have to find their way back to reality.

Technical Details

Author: AC Nicolau
ISBN 978-65-998265-0-4
Relatar-se Editora, 2022
graphic design Estúdio Sarau
illustrations Flávio Lima Maravilha
editorial advisory Ludmilla Oliveira
text revision Ludmilla Oliveira
Maria Félix Fontele